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What are bed bugs attracted to?

It is broadly accepted by the pest control community that bed bugs are attracted to our CO2 that we exhale.  Most bed bug traps include some type of CO2 attractant.  There is a newer device called the Verify which incorporates a pheromone that seems to attract bed bugs, of course those contents are a very tight secret.  Recently I attended a pest control seminar where the presenter shared new research on bed bugs.  He said that dirty clothes were placed on the floor of an infested room and then they took a video of the nighttime traffic of the bed bugs.  The bugs were attracted to the dirty clothes!  While this news is not shocking it is important because these insects were attracted to something with human smell but no CO2.

It lead us to think more about how we maintain our homes and how we travel.  If the bed bugs are attracted to bodily odors that would correlate with the places in the home where humans spend the most time – beds, chairs, couches etc. (That makes perfect sense.) If we are traveling and by chance stay in an infested hotel room – leaving our dirty clothes on the floor may increase our chances of bringing a bug home.

Personally, when I travel, my suitcase is in the tub or the bathroom counter.  My dirty clothes are in a plastic bag in the bathroom, off the floor.  I will definitely be paying more attention to where I sit when I am in dirty clothes.

May The Heat Be With You!

Ashley, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist


Back to Blogging- Thanks for your support!

This has been a crazy year.  I appreciate all the comments and positive feedback that I have received regarding the site.  I am sorry to have been gone for a while, but I hope to be writing more often.  Our work in the bed bug field is up 300% over last year.  We have added more employees, more equipment and lots more satisfied customers.  The detection and remediation have kept me away from writing.  But boy o boy do I have some good stories to tell.

I continue to push people to stay away from chemical treatment methods.  I have not seen them work without customer headaches, frequent applications, bedroom contamination, and frequent re-infestations.  I believe that the chemicals are one of the primary reasons for their rapid spreading.  We (humans) are making our bed and getting bit in it.

I welcome your questions and will be happy to post responses here.  Sometimes I am so deep in the forest that i miss the trees, leaves and berries that the average person is curious about.

May the Heat Be With You!

Ashley, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist