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The Kudzu Bug, kin to Bed Bugs?

We addressed a number of complaints this fall about bugs in hotel rooms, none of which turned out to be bed bugs.  So what happened and what are these little pests and why are they coming in trough the windows?  Enter The Kudzu Bug.  These are Asian beetles that feed on the kudzu plant and soybean plants.  They swarm out of the kudzu plants in the fall looking for a safe place to winter.  As they are attracted to light colored surfaces, some of our Atlanta hotels were a perfect target, no matter the height.

The Department of Agriculture released a good video on the subject and the news media got in on the fun too.  Currently the treatment is to remove them physically or to set up exclusion methods in your structure.  This means that a vacuum and a caulk gun are your best tools, not chemicals.  If you kill them with a spray, the next wave will just take their place.  But don’t kill them indoors, like their friend the stink bug, they will release a nasty odor when threatened or killed.  The smell can stain indoor surfaces and linger in your environment for a while.

The good news is that the swarm is temporary, they will leave in the spring to find their kudzu meal and begin breeding.  If you have a crop of kudzu near your property, I recommend removing it this winter before the bugs come back.

May the Heat Be With You!

Ashley, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist