Not all Bed Bug heat is created equal

Heat treatments are very effective at treating bed bugs.  At the Bed Bug Answer we have over a 98% success rate the first time with Heat Treatments.  However, all heat is not created equal.  Here are a few options and considerations when selecting a method for your business or residence.

1) Propane Heat – gets VERY hot VERY fast, it is hard to control temperature variances and balance the heated environment, the location can have very high extremes (over 150 degrees) which will damage electronics and potentially set of fire sprinklers.  Buyer beware.

2) Steam Heat – great for small jobs but not an effective tool for a full room.  Technician must be extraordinarily detailed and that is tough to find in a hourly wage employee.  Takes a really long time to cover everything, wicker is a huge pain.

3) Chamber or Box Heat – great for the items that go into the chamber, but it misses all the bugs in the rug, baseboards, walls, etc.  First time success rate is high, over 75% but not typically effective for infestations that have been around for an extended period of time or that have been previously treated with chemicals.  Also, tight packing of the chamber creates cold pockets where bugs can survive.

4) DIY Heat – NEVER a good idea.  Cold air pockets and inexperience make this a true waste of time and VERY dangerous.  Insurance likely won’t reimburse you for a home fire cause by DIY heat either.

5) Electric Heat – can be harder to power if the location has old wiring, but VERY effective in killing bed bugs SAFELY.  Power issues easily overcome by a generator.   Easy to manage heat temperature maximums and maintain for extended periods of time.  Safe for everything in the environment excluding pets, plants, plasma TVs, and a few other small items. PackTite is also electric heat.

The Bed Bug Answer specializes in Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs.  We use Electric heat and Steam Heat to very successfully eradicate bed bugs the first time.  Our room preparation methods and after treatment techniques are trade secrets.  We will get rid of your bed bugs the first time!

May the heat be with you!

Ashley, Atlanta Bed Bug Control

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